Light Bags

Light bags for boxing training are usually smaller than the heavy bags, and they move differently and faster.

Double end bag

Double end bags are hung from the ceiling. They work similar to the speed bag, but with a difference - you're able to practice more mobility while using them. This bag is like having an opponent in front of you, too, especially one who is moving around and zooming in and out. Watch out because it will punch back. Double end bags don't need to be hit very hard, but don't hit them too lightly. Put enough pressure behind the punches to make the workout worth your while.

Maize ball

Learning to avoid, or slip, incoming punches is an important aspect of boxing training. A Maize ball, sometimes called a slip bag, can help with this.

It's shaped similar to a double-end bag and a speed bag. It's not for hitting, but for practicing defense using head movement. Push the bag so that it swings back and forth, then move the head slightly to avoid it as it comes back. This is a great way to get used to something coming at your face and timing how to react to it. It forces a boxer to keep their eyes open, something that a boxer should do at all times during sparring and regular bouts.

Just like with the heavy bags, and the double-end bag, move around the Maize ball to simulate the movements in a fight. Keep the head moving, but also throw practice offensive moves by throwing punches in between slips. The idea is to get good at doing both defense and offensive moves.

Speed Bags

These are very useful in boxing training because they are designed for hand and eye coordination in addition to speed. You'll only need handwraps on your hands to use these, but if you feel more comfortable using gloves, you can use those, too.

The most traditional ones will be found hanging from a platform that is attached to the wall. The best way to learn how to use this bag is slowly. Use one hand at a time in the beginning to get used to the rhythm. Ignore the woman who's tapping it so fast that it sounds like an engine reviving up.

Believe me, speed bags can be very frustrating. But stick with it. When you feel more comfortable, use both hands and hit this bag with alternative punches.

Check out the heavy bags, too.

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