Jump Rope For Boxing

Using a jump rope is great for boxing training.  I always found it somewhat amusing when jumping rope is suggested to the guys in the gym.  Many of them give the coach a blank look, and state that they don’t know how.  It appears that many guys do not grow up doing that like most women do.  However, it benefits both sexes in the boxing gym.

Jumping rope may used as a warm-up before exercising or used as exercise on its own.  It helps with coordination, footwork, and agility.  It helps to build up strength, conditioning, and stamina. 

What kind should be used?  There are speed ropes and leather ropes.  Speed ropes are usually made out of plastic.  They are designed to rotate faster and give a more intense cardio workout.  The rope is not fixed to the handles, so it turns 360 degrees inside the handles.  Leather ropes are heavier, and don’t turn as fast as the speed ropes.  Some say speed ropes are better than leather ones, but it is a matter of personal preference.

Length matters, because it won’t do to trip over the rope and have to keep stopping because it is too short.  Stand in the middle of the rope and pull the handles up along your sides.  The tips of it should reach the armpits.  I’m short – 5’1 – so I have to buy jump ropes that are 7-8’ long.  Someone who’s average height could probably use one that is 9’ long.  Anyone 5’11 and taller should get ones that are 10-11’ long. 

Weighted jump ropes can give a good upper body workout as well as a lower body workout.  Be careful, however, as you would be with free weights and kettlebells in order to prevent injuries.  The upper body has to really work to turn the rope, and jumps have to be higher in order to clear the rope. 

Boxing shoes and wrestling shoes aren’t really good for this exercise, regardless of what you may have seen on TV and in the movies.  Those shoes don’t offer enough cushion.  This can be a problem if the jumping is being done on hard floors.  It’s better to wear cross trainers.  If you don’t want to keep switching shoes just to jump rope, then do the exercise in the ring or on a mat.  This will help cut down on the impact of the body weight coming down on the feet, hips, knees, ankles, and legs.

A person can jump rope everyday because it’s a good cardio exercise.  Some want to start out with a goal of jumping for a full three minute round, but it’s better to work up to that little by little.  Start out with short sets of twenty to thirty seconds at a time. 

In addition to a jump rope, boxers need other equipment, too.

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