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I was pleased when The Ring, a boxing magazine that has been around since 1922, decided to include a section devoted to women boxers. But women's boxing continues to receive little to no press coverage. Fortunately, there are some web sites on the Internet that are devoted to covering women in boxing.

Watching Fights

Another aspect of boxing training is to actually watch boxing matches. Don't limit yourself to just watching the big money fights. There is plenty to learn from watching the journeymen fighters' matches, as well. If you're new to the sport, watching the fights is a good way to learn about the rules and the lingo.

The best way to experience the fights is to watch them live. Amateur tournaments happen frequently, and a lot can be seen for little to no cost. Start with your local municipal park district to find out when matches are being held. If you're training in such a gym, there will be announcements posted about when they take place.

Boxing matches held for fundraising purposes may cost a little more per ticket. Amateur boxers are usually involved, so the cost of tickets is usually still less than paying to see professionals fight.

Professional fights can be a little pricey, but if you get a general admission ticket as opposed to paying for VIP and ringside seats, you may be able to see a live pro fight for less than thirty-five dollars.

Watching the fights on television is another option. There was a time in the USA when boxing matches were regularly scheduled on network television. There has been talk from time to time about bringing boxing back to network television, but the sport has mostly been regulated to cable television.

Basic and enhanced basic cable channels such as ESPN2 and Telemundo, for example, show boxing matches. If you have premium channels like HBO and Showtime, there are more options to see boxing on a regular basis.

The big money fights are usually shown pay-per-view, meaning, a separate charge is to be paid to the cable provider in order to see a fight. The lowest price I've seen for a pay-per-view fight was $19.99, but normally the prices are fifty bucks and up.

Unfortunately, viewing women's fights on TV continues to be a rare thing. Once in awhile, I would see women boxers on ESPN2's "Friday Night Fights", but I've not seen any on the other cable stations.

Boxing Blogs

I have also come across blogs about women in boxing:

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You'll enjoy watching the fights and understand the boxing news more when you know the boxing basics.

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