Chest Protectors

Chest protectors are useful in boxing training, especially for women. There's a chest protector in the bottom of my locker at the gym. After a sparring session that turned into a mini-war between myself and another female fighter, the coach looked at the both of us. "You need to wear chest protectors. Why take that extra punishment when you don't have to?" he said.

I'm very hard-headed about not wearing mine. But the older I've become, the more sense it makes to use a chest protector during boxing training.

There are a couple of options. The one I have is like a shell that covers my upper chest. It looks like a hard plastic bra. Someone laughed and said I looked like I'm wearing a Wonder Woman costume whenever I put it on. However, it does help deflect some of the punches to that area. I have to have the coach or someone else help me snap it up - Velcro again - in the back.

The other kind is comprised of a sports bra with turtle protectors built in to protect a woman's chest. Turtle protectors can also be brought separately and inserted into a sports bra. A word of caution about those slip-in turtle protectors - they can slip at inopportune times. I saw a bout between two female boxers where one woman stopped in the middle of the action to adjust her protectors. Meanwhile, the other woman kept advanced on her and kept punching. The woman fussing with her bra lost the match.

Protecting the chest from injuries is as important as protecting yourself from head injuries.

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