Boxing Quotes

"If you're dedicated to something and you put the time in, why should anyone have an opinion on it? Halif of the people who comment about women's boxing don't even watch it." -- 17 year old Claressa Shields, 2012 Olympic gold medalist in boxing, in response to criticism about women's boxing

"Sure they say we (women) are life givers not takers, but guess what, most women can multi-task and be life givers and fighters. Boxing is not a life-taking sport. Boxing is not a violent sport; it's an art, a dance, a science. Sometimes the smarter boxer wins and sometimes the stronger boxer wins. Of course aggression is a feminine quality. It's a quality that exists in human beings whether they are men or women." -- Sonya Lamonakis, heavyweight boxer

I think that if you do want to be a fighter, then you need to work harder than everybody else, and make sure that you surround yourself with good people, especially if you're a woman. You've got to find a team that takes you seriously as a female fighter, and is not going to rush you into the ring before you're ready. -- Laila Ali

“It’s who I am: win, win, win at all costs,” she said. “If I have to, I’ll take three punches, four punches to get my one.” -- Christy Martin

"From the very beginning, in a couple of newspaper articles, some of the old-time fight promoters said things like, 'She should be in the kitchen baking.' And my answer to that was, 'I use the kitchen as a breezeway to get out of the house." -- Carol Polis, the first American female professional boxing judge

"A fighter is a fighter.  When I ref a female bout, I tell them that I will ref their fight the same as the guys,  The name of the game is boxing and that means you will get hit." -- Sparkle Lee, the first female boxing referee in New York