Boxing Benefits

1 - Relieve Stress

Everybody gets stressed out, and boxing is an excellent way to relieve that! Kids squabbling at home? Husband or boyfriend forgot your birthday again? The boss making demands all day at work? There is nothing like putting on the gloves and punching away those pressures on a heavy bag. Ahh. . .that's better!

2 - Anger Management

Using screaming, yelling, and stomping around as the first reaction to things going wrong or someone upsetting us is not good in the long run. Why alienate friends and family, or tick off co-workers? Also, all that anger takes a toll on the health after awhile. Take a deep breath, count to ten. . .then take out your displeasure on the speed bag, or do some roadwork. I used to be a major hothead, and boxing training cooled down a lot of my anger issues.

3 - Weight Loss

I remember hearing an actress on a talk show stating that she was able to take off a lot of weight when she took up boxing. It's a full body workout. All of the major muscle groups are used, including ones that most people didn't think they had! Boxing burns a lot of calories, too.

4 - Heart Health

We keep hearing that heart disease is the number one killer of women. Endurance and stamina are two benefits of boxing that help to strengthen the heart.

5 - Bone Health and Flexibility

Movement in boxing strengthens bones and helps maintain flexibility. Both are important as women age.

6 - Self-Defense

Hopefully no one will never, ever find themselves in a position where they have to fend off an attacker. But if the need arises, knowing how to throw punches may be a life-saver.

7 - Confidence

Boxing is an overall confidence builder. It gives you a great sense of yourself and what you are capable of doing.

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In order to reap the benefits of boxing, the boxing basics have to be practiced regularly.

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