Boxing, Me, and SBI

I had always had an interest in boxing. After years of saying, "One day, I'll take up the sport," I finally took a step. Initially, I signed up at a martial arts dojo. I'd long had an interest in being a female Bruce Lee, too. I was told that I could sign up for a second class, and I saw that boxing was on the list.

My younger sister was not feeling well around the time I started at the dojo. We both thought it was something that could be taken care of easily. We were wrong. She was diagnosed with oral cancer. There was many a day I would visit the hospital, having coming from the dojo. My sister was intrigued by the martial arts, but she wasn't so crazy about the boxing training. She was always telling me I could get hurt -- like I couldn't get hurt doing martial arts? -- throwing and taking punches. My sister wasn't the only one telling me that, but I had developed a real love for the sport by that time.

Unfortunately, my sister became terminally ill several months later. I dropped out of everything except the one thing I couldn't let go of, and that was the job I had at the time. Another few months went by, and she passed away.

After walking around for a few months just going through the motions of living, I decided I needed to go back to working out again. However, the cost of going to the martial arts dojo had become out of my reach. By chance I learned that a park district field house near me had held boxing classes for over twenty years. The fee was considerably less expensive than what I had been paying at the dojo. I met with the boxing coach, then signed up for the gym, where I've been ever since.

The first several years, I could not get a match to save my life. Lack of female opponents, the fact I was older than most of the female boxers who were available, and the lack of support for women's boxing in general were the factors. So I became a volunteer at the gym, and I learned other aspects of boxing such as how to work a boxer's corner, protocol at boxing matches, coaching, etc.

A few years ago, I finally got a boxing coach's license. At the same time, I finally got an match, albeit an exhibition one. I lost, but I was happy to had finally had a chance to step in the squared circle.

Since that time, I've been thinking about how to turn boxing into a career. Not as a professional boxer, mind you. I started too late in the game to try and go down that road now. I had come across SBI in the past, but didn't take action. In 2011, I decided to take the plunge, and this web site is the result of that.

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